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Welcome to the web-magazine of Journalists in Exile (JEX), home to one of the most world's diverse group of exiled journalists. JEX Canada web-magazine offers you a collection of comprehensive views, insight, personal experience stories from exiled journalists in Canada and around the world.

Who are Journalists in Exile?

Officially launched in 2000, Journalists in Exile (JEX) currently brings together a group of journalists who were forced to flee their homelands due to harassment and persecution they suffered while practicing their profession. Seeking a refuge in Canada, these courageous individuals - who come from such countries as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Ethiopia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Romania, Sri Lanka and Sudan - have started a new life with the support of Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE). Bringing with them a wealth of experience as reporters, broadcasters and editors, the members of JEX wish to devote their energy and intelligence to resuming their journalistic careers in Canada to ensure that not only their voices be heard but that their skills be used to advantage in their adopted homeland. To access JEX members' biographical information

Our View

JEX Canada focuses its efforts on covering news and global affairs, with the intention of equipping adults with information and tools to help young people understand how the media works, how the media may affect their lifestyle choices, and the extent to which they, as consumers and citizens, are being well informed. JEX Canada also provides Canadian mainstream media with international stories as well as offering perspectives by the JEX about life as an exiled journalist.


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